Our Solution

Born from the need to facilitate communication among emergency relief workers in urgent field conditions

Real-time collection and distribution of crisis-related and logistical data

Universal access to data for inter-agency cooperation

Answersmith technical summary

To explain how the Answersmith mobile-based communications platform works, here are two scenarios:

Scenario 1

Amadou is in charge of a remote health clinic in Guinea. He’s asked for more nurses and wants an update on their arrival. His only access is by cell phone. The Answersmith app connects him to the central system. He speaks his request:

When will the nurses arrive?

The call is converted from speech to text by the system and is archived and flagged. Answersmith retrieves the update from the Ministry of Health and Public Hygiene in Conakry, and displays it on Amadou’s phone.

Scenario 2

Djènèba heads a small clinic on the outskirts of Bamako, Mali. She sends a status report by cell phone, which includes a request for more PPE suits. As her audio message is converted to text, it is immediately distributed to the appropriate authorites.

Djènèba receives immediate confirmation to her phone announcing receipt of her request. At any point thereafter, she can again use her phone to ask for an update, or even modify the original request, for example to ask for additional PPE Suits.

In Further Detail

All data collected, flagged, and maintained by Answersmith can be reviewed via web browser or mobile phone by NGOs as well as organizations like WHO, CDC, and UNICEF from their respective headquarters. This means that any one request can be viewed by many different groups or organizations.

High level tracking of events in an outbreak or crisis situation: Answersmith provides a two-way connection that enables teams in the field to stay in touch with multiple logistics centers. In this sense, Answersmith enables global communication from a centralized data storage point which is being constantly updated with fresh information.

Cross communication between groups and agencies working toward the same goal: members of the same team working in different locations can coordinate efforts and manage logistics.

"Virtually every day, crisis and emergency risk communication is needed somewhere in public health."

--- CDC